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(last update on 17th March 2016)
Windows version is 3.13r3
DOS version is 3.13r3
No official beta available

DRevitalize is a program that repairs bad sectors (physical defects) on popular magnetic media (hard drives and also floppy drives to some extent) by generating a special sequence of high and low signals around the physically damaged area. The surface of almost any drive can be repaired with this utility (even hard drives that were dropped down or exposed to strong electromagnetic fields). For more informations please read the full documentation!!!

Drevitalize 3.13 is out!!!




DRevitalize v3.13 demo downloads for Windows and 32-bit DOS
The recommended operating system to run version 3.13 of DRevitalize is Windows 10
Each Windows executable available for download is signed with my personal authenticode certificate

DRevitalize 3.13 Windows DEMO
(Windows Vista/7/8/10)
691 KB
DRevitalize 3.13 DOS DEMO
(DOS AHCI mode)
171 KB

Please note that under Windows you need to run DRevitalize as an administrator to have access to anything else than a floppy disk. Windows will not allow you to scan hard drives in simple user mode. Although DRevitalize can run in the background, it is not recommended to run other programs which use the drive being tested. This is especially true when revitalize/refresh slow sectors option is active as it could result in data corruption on the revitalized drive. Additionally, the revitalize/refresh slow sectors option should never be run on drives with important data.

Advantages of new Drevitalize 3.13 Windows/DOS

  • DRevitalize (Windows) copy raw data function now properly locks and dismounts any volumes present on the target drive before starting the copy.
  • Improved compatibility with a wide range of USB bridges - proper implementation of ATA passthrough strictly according to SAT docs.
  • DOS version - cache switching mechanism now affects both, read and write cache when in bad sector recovery loop.
  • Advanced features and firmware menu started. Currently only a small set of advanced features is implemented.
  • Host Protected Area volatile and non-volatile option added to advanced features menu. Non-volatile modification is preserved on power off.
  • Modification of SMART data colors. Good attributes are displayed in gray with a green OK. Important attributes that need attention but are still OK are displayed in white, failed attributes are displayed in light red.
  • DRevitalize DOS (internal number 3.13r2) has a modified legacy DOS ATA detection procedure which solves incorrect HPA values in certain cases when running without AHCI support.
  • DRevitalize DOS (internal number 3.13r3) has modified HPA functionality that affects both AHCI and legacy ATA. When HPA functionality and max address commands are disabled by firmware, DRevitalize (DOS) will display 'unknown HPA' and prevent any changes, instead of a HPA of 1.

Advantages of new Drevitalize 3.12 Windows/DOS

  • Slow sectors value now resets to 150ms or 20ms (single mode) for next scan if default value was changed.
  • Windows 'copy raw data' function now has a confirmation box whether to proceed or not - user has to type 'YES'.
  • DOS version - slow sectors refresh does not disable read look-ahead in single sector mode. A slow sector is not a bad sector that is why additional ATA commands do not need to be applied. This makes the refresh process as fast as under Windows or Drevitalize 2.44 DOS.
  • DOS version - single sector mode runs at full possible speed. Additional ATA commands are only executed when entering bad sector recovery loop and for the next remaining sectors on the current block - DOS block has 64 sectors (SBuff is 32KB on a 512 bytes per sector disk).

Advantages of new Drevitalize 3.11 Windows/DOS

  • Windows GUI instead of console mode for the Windows version.
  • Asynchronous I/O for WinAPI access, synchronous for ATA/SCSI (DRevitalize 2.42 uses synchronous I/O for all modes).
  • Faster reads/writes/scan x2 or x3 due to intelligent GUI update, not every I/O operation like in 2.42 version.
  • Extended and precise status and error information with WinAPI lasterror code, SCSI sense or ATA registers displayed when scanning drive. Progress in % shown on bottom of screen.
  • SMART status with extended info and updated attribute names (extended info includes the missing bytes from raw value).
  • Fast copy option with recovery mode. Possibility to copy 1 drive to another with selected offsets and number of sectors - intelligent 3 step recovery of encountered bad blocks on source drive (achieved with reads only – no data or signals are written to the source drive).
  • Minor bugs and enhancements like serial number of HDD in Windows 7/8 corrected. Aware of Windows 10 - target it Windows 10 if detected.
  • ATA/SCSI system now uses DMA or DMA EXT access instead of PIO access for drive reads and writes in multisector mode.
  • DOS native AHCI on most SATA controllers compliant with the AHCI v1.3 specification. Full error diagnostics and failure recovery of the HBA according to the AHCI specification v1.3.
  • Possibility to detect up to 32 AHCI SATA devices under DOS. To run the DOS version without AHCI support please use the -noahci switch on command line.
  • Corrected multi sector and single sector precision timers, corrected and improved ETA countdown.
  • Able to detect 512e (512 bytes per sector emulated) and 4096n (4096 bytes per sector native) drives.
  • DOS version has a modified recovery procedure which is significantly more effective than the windows version and any other DRevitalize versions released in the past. Moreover, in SINGLE scan mode or upon entering SINGLE recovery mode read look-ahead cache will be disabled to provide environment as close as possible to floppy recovery mode without any caches going in the way. This change further enforces proper recovery, minimizing false success and the relocation of sectors to spare area.
  • Consistent write cache flush procedure ported to AHCI (available since 2.42 version in ATA and ATA/RV modes).
  • Higher precision key handler under DOS to catch quit requests.
  • Advanced data recovery on-the-fly from bad sectors. At the end statistics screen DRevitalize will show the number of bytes reclaimed from bad sectors. Bytes that were unreadable before by normal means. This feature is only available in read and repair mode. Please be aware that any bytes residing in bad sectors that could not be recovered after the 4 step retry recovery process in multi sector mode (or 3 step retry recovery process in single sector mode) will be cleared out in order to reclaim the bad sector. This is a normal behaviour of any Drevitalize version since release 1.00.
  • Possibility to copy with recovery from any logical sector drive to any logical sector drive between 512 and 8192 bytes per logical sector. Logical sector size of both drives needs to be a multiple of 512. Current limitation is 4096 bytes per logical sector for DOS version and 8192 bytes per logical sector for Windows version. Copied sectors value will always reflect the target drive sector size.
  • Windows 7 special case : Bytes per logical and bytes per physical sector are taken directly from ATA identify if possible. It appears Windows 7 returns wrong values for physical sector size of advanced format SATA drives connected directly to SATA controller. Problem does not occur on higher Windows versions.
  • ATA DMA transfers are now cut to 64KB chunks to ensure maximum compatibility to any driver and Windows OS starting from Windows XP.
  • DRevitalize (Windows) will request 32MB physical memory from the operating system. It will refuse to run if the system is not able to provide that much. All possible transfer buffers will be locked into physical memory.

DRevitalize 3.xx screenshots
Any older version of Drevitalize is available on request. Please write to support@drevitalize.com
Minor upgrades to a higher 3.xx version of DRevitalize are free. Serial numbers and download location will not change.
Any DRevitalize 2.xx registered user can request his serial key and information on download location for the latest full version.

Drevitalize 3.13 Drevitalize 3.13g

DRevitalize 3.13 requires at least Windows XP SP3 to run. DOS version requires a BIOS with INT 13h extensions.
Please remember that for seriously damaged hard drives you may experience the DMA reverts to PIO problem under Windows.


Order DRevitalize 3.13 for as low as $35 for single site use
You may install the software on 1 computer and use it for commercial, private, educational or hobbyist purposes.

Order DRevitalize 3.13 for as low as $50 for multi-site use
You may install the software on an unlimited number of compatible computers in your company.
An unlimited number of employees of the company may use the software at the same time.

Upgrade to DRevitalize 3.13 multi-site license for as low as $15
This is a one time license upgrade for customers with single site license.

Please allow a few hours to process your request. All orders are handled manually.
I do not issue VAT invoices. The only confirmation of license purchase is the PayPal transaction e-mail.
After payment via PayPal you will receive your unique serial number and the link to download the full version.

Załóż konto w serwisie PayPal i od razu zacznij przyjmować karty kredytowe.

The Drevitalize 3.13 is a powerful utility with a lot of additional options designed to repair magnetic media storage devices. The improved and extended multi sector core will provide better support and analysis of damaged storage devices, moreover it is much more effective and faster then the free DOS Drevitalize/Single sector system used in versions 1.x

Now You can also test in the same way digital cameras, flash drives and other USB devices.
camera_image hd_image pen_image
Drevitalize timeline since 2004

2004 April
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2009 May
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2016 March
DRevitalize v0.10 for DOS is extensively tested.
DRevitalize v1.00 first public release for DOS.
DRevitalize v1.10 improved release for DOS.
DRevitalize v1.20 last release for DOS only.
DRevitalize v2.00 first release for Windows 2K/XP.
DRevitalize v2.10 key update for Windows 2K/XP.
DRevitalize v2.20 update for Windows 2K/XP.
DRevitalize v2.30 update for Windows 2K/XP/Vista.
DRevitalize v2.32 update for 2K/XP/Vista/Seven.
DRevitalize v2.40 update for WinXP/Vista/Seven.
DRevitalize v2.42 update for WinXP/Vista/Seven.
DRevitalize v2.44 update for all DOS systems.
DRevitalize v3.11 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.12 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.13 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.

Older version of DRevitalize 1.2 (Light/DOS) is freeware



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