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DRevitalize v0.10 for DOS is extensively tested.
DRevitalize v1.00 first public release for DOS.
DRevitalize v1.10 improved release for DOS.
DRevitalize v1.20 last release for DOS only.
DRevitalize v2.00 first release for Windows 2K/XP.
DRevitalize v2.10 key update for Windows 2K/XP.
DRevitalize v2.20 update for Windows 2K/XP.
DRevitalize v2.30 update for Windows 2K/XP/Vista.
DRevitalize v2.32 update for 2K/XP/Vista/Seven.
DRevitalize v2.40 update for WinXP/Vista/Seven.
DRevitalize v2.42 update for WinXP/Vista/Seven.
DRevitalize v2.44 update for all DOS systems.
DRevitalize v3.11 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.12 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.13 Windows 10/DOS AHCI (final 3.1x).
DRevitalize v3.20 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.21 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.22 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.23 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.24 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.25 Windows 10/DOS AHCI (final 3.2x).
DRevitalize v3.30 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.31 Windows 10/DOS AHCI.
DRevitalize v3.32 Windows 10/DOS AHCI (final 3.xx).

DRevitalize v4.00 beta Windows 10/UEFI.
DRevitalize v4.00 Windows 10/UEFI.
DRevitalize v4.10 Windows 10/UEFI.



  • DRevitalize (DOS) Alternate AHCI detection mechanism if automatic detection via BIOS function call fails. This alternate detection has a list of all known AHCI controllers PCI Ids and comapres if any of them are present in the system.
  • DRevitalize (UEFI) Possibility to choose AHCI controller if there are more than one.
  • DRevitalize (UEFI) Vendor specific function “ATA clear password” support corrected for Samsung drives.
  • DRevitalize (UEFI) Visual changes corrected. Now the system correctly displays when the drive is accessed via AHCI PIO.
  • DRevitalize (Windows/UEFI) Feature and Firmware data now has the last operation status displayed on bottom of page.
  • DRevitalize (Windows/UEFI) Display SMART data corrected for SSD drives with non standard SMART attributes table.
  • DRevitalize (Windows) No more ATA PIO transfer mode for single sector reads and writes on SATA channels. Every data transfer on SATA channels is now done via DMA.
  • DRevitalize (Windows) Proper device reset has been implemented via windwos IOCTL mechanism.
  • FAT32 format executed when creating boot version of DRevitalize (UEFI) supports pen drives up to 2TB (VALIDATE and INFOTOOL utilities).

(4.20 ROADMAP)

  • DRevitalize (UEFI) support for NVMe controllers.
  • DRevitalize (UEFI) support for SAS controllers.
  • DRevitalize (UEFI) USB connected ATA drives support similar to DRevitalize (Windows).
  • Possibility to burn DRevitalize (UEFI) on CD or DVD should be supported.
  • Possibility to switch anytime to each of the supported 12 languages.
  • There is no known ETA for implementing automatic updates.



  • Drevitalize 4.0 (Windows) will require at least Net Framework 4.6. This can be installed on Windows Vista SP2 and higher Windows OS. There is no need to install anything on Windows 10.
  • UEFI compliant boot machine for the boot version of Drevitalize 4.0. Old Drevitalize (DOS) will not be updated to version 4.0. However there may be an upgrade to Drevitalize (DOS) 3.3x which would correct some minor issues and add more drive specific manufacturer commands.


  • New vendor specific manufacturer commands available in version 3.32+ and 4.00 : Toshiba SATA clear defect reassign and clear SMART, new HGST drives support for format unit and clear SMART.
  • Supervisor mode allowing to execute any instruction on operating system hard drive C. Supervisor mode will require a special confirmation with a known password.
  • Possibility to switch current manufacturer via menu. This way a different set of vendor specific ATA commands may be used for drives made by another manufacturer.
  • All defined in ATA8 specification SMART tests, including the seletive SMART test, are now available. Two status lines (one for offline scan and one for self scan) updated on a regular basis.
  • All I/O operations are now made in synchronous mode. DRevitalize 4.00 will switch from asynchronous single threaded I/O used in 3.xx versiosn to synchronous multi threaded I/O.
  • Major improvement and clarification of feature functions. Those will also include SATA specific feature functions.
  • All possible Device Configuration Overlay settings may now be changed.
  • ATA terminal with check & try possibilities for user defined ATA commands.
  • Detailed scan Log available anytime and with the possibility to be accessed even during scan.
  • Major visual changes.
  • DRevitalize will prevent the PC from going to sleep when application is active (version 4.0 – beta2).
  • Clearing log screen now requires confirmation (version 4.0 – beta2).
  • Several spelling errors corrected in main options screen and SMART test menu (version 4.0 – beta2).
  • Tab order corrected in most places (version 4.0 – beta2).
  • Selected drive does not reset to first available after going back to main start screen (version 4.0 – beta3).
  • Time, date, operation mode, access system and total scan time is now added to LogBox (version 4.0 – beta3).
  • Log completed time added to LogBox. Total scan time calculation and display corrected (version 4.0 – beta4).
  • Inserting or removing a USB device does not stop the scan anymore (version 4.0 – beta5).
  • Slow areas exact access time is now displayed in log (version 4.0 – beta5).
  • All known devices in the year 2019 are now detected and displayed with correct bus (version 4.0 – beta6).
  • Registers display on scan screen corrected, no more SCSI status for WinAPI access (version 4.0 – beta6).
  • Windows version is now displayed correctly up to Windows 10 (version 4.0 – beta6).
  • UEFI boot mode EFI executable can now be created with VALIDATE tool (version 4.0 – beta7).
  • Minor visual changes and updates added (version 4.0  – beta7).
  • End screen and log corrected for “Copy drives” function (version 4.0 – beta7).
  • Please remeber to turn off “Secure Boot” in the BIOS to be able to run DRevitalize 4.0 (UEFI).



  • Graphics mode 1024×768 wil be requested on boot, if not available DRevitalize (UEFI) will not run.
  • 64-bit only storage devices diagnostic for UEFI.
  • 64-bit or 32-bit HDA support for AHCI.
  • AHCI controllers are now detected via base class code, sub class code and progamming interface (1,6,1).
  • If an unknown AHCI controller is detected system will still run and treat it as Generic Intel AHCI controller.
  • AHCI DMA/RV mode for direct access on SATA channels or UEFI BlockIO for universal access mode (SATA/USB).
  • No more ATA legacy port IO under UEFI.
  • Major improvements in AHCI drives detection procedure – every drive will now be detected.
  • USB devices, including hard drives will have their full name displayed.