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News related to DRevitalize development and usage

A list of suggested updates has been posted on the Future Plans page.

The windows version of DRevitalize for registered users has been updated to version 4.01. There were no functional changes. Only a few spelling errors were corrected.

I received reports that the licensed version of DRevitalize (UEFI) sometimes does not find the serial number and exits with error. Current build fixes the issue. Serial number is now implemented directly into the EFI file. One minor visual bug Read more…

DRevitalize 3.32 final 3.xx version has been released. This one includes corrected AHCI detection mechanism, corrected SATA drives detection algorithm and Toshiba SATA specific vendor functions (clear G-List available also in the DEMO).

UEFI boot ISO file with the demo version of DRevitalize 4 has been added to download page.

DRevitalize 4.0 demo is available for download. Windows version requires .Net Framework 4.6 and Visual C++ 2017 runtime. They will be installed automatically if not already present in the system. UEFI boot version can be created with DRevitalize infotool. On Read more…

DRevitalize 4.0 final version is ready for download for registered users with a valid 2.xx or 3.xx license. Please use the unique link received via e-mail. DRevitalize 4.0 demo will be available soon.

Future plans have changed a little. As soon as DRevitalize 4.0 final version is released, which is planned for mid July 2019, I will start working on possible ways to implement a language pack for DRevitalize. I plan to support Read more…

Today out of curiosity I was testing with “read only test” some SSD drives under DRevitalize UEFI. One of them had over 70 bad sectors. I decided to run the “scan & repair” test. Surprisingly all those bad sectors were Read more…

Quick update for validate tool extracting the UEFI version of DRevitalize to pendrive.