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DRevitalize repairs SSD drives

Today out of curiosity I was testing with “read only test” some SSD drives under DRevitalize UEFI. One of them had over 70 bad sectors. I decided to run the “scan & repair” test. Surprisingly all those bad sectors were corrected and the drive surface was free from any defects.

However, it still had over 400 delays on write access. They were corrected via “Secure Erase” voltage spike. Now access time on write and read is below 2ms for 128KB.

The tested drive was : SSD0256XQC82X200M34237 (256GB) – manufactured by Xmore, without the number of “reallocated sectors count” visible in the SMART.

Now I can honestly say that the procedure used for magnetic media works for SSD drives too. However I can’t be 100% sure the bad sectors were not reallocated becuase SMART doesn’t give me that data.

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